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Part of the rationale for the creation of this site beyond just communicating with clients was to raise my public profile and my public persona. By that I mean what comes up when someone types my name into Google or Bing. It’s not a question of vanity – although I’m probably as vain as the next person notwithstanding the car I drive – it’s really a question of competing for work in the toughest economy I’ve ever seen. I hope to demonstrate my ability to write a thoughtful, creative sentence that people find interesting. (and by creative I’m not referring to my grammar, spelling or punctuation) You’ll have to let me know if I succeed.

The new career reality seems to be that if someone types your name into a search engine and nothing comes up they probably won’t hire you. This is understandable because if you want people who can make an impact for your company they should already be making an impact somewhere else.  I can’t argue with this logic for now, at least for the jobs and opportunities in which I’m most interested.

On the advice of a far smarter friend, I Googled myself and was surprised by what I found. My Facebook page was first, my LinkedIn page was second and my Amazon profile page was third. So I decided to shake things up a bit. I’ve written 14 new Amazon reviews to increase my presence there as a way to show potential clients and employers that I’m a fairly well-read person- which anyone who has seen my library will attest to. And given my lack of a professional position at this time I’ll be periodically adding book reviews for the foreseeable future.  I’ve been updating and strengthening my LinkedIn profile, which is now the number one result when “thom mitchell” is Googled or Binged. I’ve created this site and will be adding content on an ongoing basis. All with the goal to highlight the variety of skills I bring to the workplace. I created a twitter profile called @jobhuntin and I’m twittering away my life, or least making a few posts every day on topics or links of  professional interest, in less than a month this profile is now ranked 7th. So your online persona can change rapidly if you work at it.

Of course I’m still competing and losing to a dead man. Thomas Mitchell was a famous character actor most well known for his roles in “Gone with the Wind” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” and he is ranked above me if you use my full name “Thomas Mitchell”. If you aren’t familiar with his work put some of his films into your Netflix queue and if you shorten my name to “Tom Mitchell” you get a golf academy.  Apparently there is also an professor named Thom Mitchell and a surgeon named Thom Mitchell. I’m neither of those guys.  That’s all for now. -t

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