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Job Application Evolution

Applying for jobs has changed a lot in a relatively short period of time. Not so long ago everyone went to the print shop and printed up their hard copy resume in bulk with no customization for a specific job. That was what the cover letter was used for. And a company posted their openings in trade journals and newspapers hoping to get a a reasonable qualified applicants in a a few weeks or months.

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Data Trumps Opinion, Everytime

Working out recently at the gym, I noticed several of the gym’s TVs showing soap operas. I couldn’t tell which ones – they all look pretty much the same to me. They all have attractive people looking very serious – and those people are mostly Caucasian with just a few representative minorities. There is always a crisis of some kind that requires strong emoting, the rooms are richly furnished and you can usually depend on seeing a passionate kiss or argument every 15-20 minutes. And based on the commericals the target demographic of the shows skews significantly female, although that doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out. And you’d be surprised at the number of men who watch the programs. More on that later.

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More Thoughts on Twitter

First of all, let me say that Twitter has dramatically improved their service – I haven’t seen the fail whale logo since April which is pretty amazing given the growth that Twitter is continuing to experience these last two months and the massive surge in tweets in the days immediately following Michael Jackson’s death.

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Taking Advantage of a Month of Rain

Now every lawn in New England looks like Augusta

Now every lawn in New England looks like Augusta

The school-yard chants can be heard all over New England, “Rain, Rain go away…”. Like many things in life you can’t control the weather and even though this isn’t the weather you’d choose to have – you can either gripe about or take advantage of it. I’ve chosen to do a bit of both.

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Thoughts on Sales Engineering

to paraphrase the old saying, "when you have a hammer to sell you think everyone's problem is a nail"

to paraphrase the old saying, "when you have a hammer to sell you think everyone's problem is a nail"

Sometimes I’ve heard Sales Engineers nicknamed “sales preventers” because  they understand why a product isn’t a good fit for a particular client’s needs preventing a potential deal. Knowing when and how to highlight a potential deal’s issues requires a delicate balance. and good communication skills.  

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