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Individual Recognition For Team Efforts

It’s graduation season once again. Almost everyone has either sat in a graduation audience or has earned the privilege to be a graduate of some institution somewhere be it high school or college, frequently both. Every ceremony has the requisite program that everyone picks up, so they have something to read while waiting, containing the names of those who will receive honorary degrees, what students will be giving speeches and which students have earned honors.

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Typing, an underappreciated skill

For high school kids in honors classes typing isn’t usually on the syllabus, but my mom insisted I know how to type. This is why I found myself in a room with 25 manual typewriters, 21 girls, 3 other guys and one very cranky teacher whom I’ll call Mrs X.

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Jack of All Trades and Master of ……Quite a Few

A recent Blog entry by Steven DiMaio struck home for me personally because I have a wide variety of skill sets and a large number of work experiences. This is usually a  very good thing because I can usually make connections between disparate tasks and industries striking to the heart of issue quickly providing resolution to an issue and it also shortens ramp up time when learning new things. But it can be a bad thing when you are trying to concisely present yourself to a prospective employer or client or even take advantage of a networking opportunity.

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5 signs you are ready to outsource

Large companies have been outsourcing business and IT functions for quite some time but small and medium sized companies have been much slower to embrace the opportunities and benefits that outsourcing can bring. It’s not just the classic business or IT functions like payroll or call-centers that have been ripe for quite some time but the newer software as a service (SaaS) functions for things like expense reporting, CRM and ERP functionality in addition to things like network management, HR and even virtual assistants.

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Twitter Thoughts Flittering around in my head

Twitter’s exponential  growth continues unabated and like millions of other twitter scofflaws, I’ve stepped into Twitter’s waters teeming with 140 character missives. (You can follow me @jobhuntin ) It took a little time, but I’ve quickly found it to be an interesting way of sharing information and finding people with new and interesting points of view. Twitter is like a river – it’s always there and yet it’s never the same river. I find it a very Zen experience because its whole purpose is to live in the now – not dwelling on the past or the future. And unlike a blog or an email stream, there isn’t the requirement to read every post since the last time you checked the feed in order to get up to speed.

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