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The need for Professional Ambidexterity

I was working through some emails this morning watching my daughter out of the corner of my eye when I noticed something unusual.  She was drawing on some paper and would switch the marker or crayon from her right hand to her left depending on where she was on the page with no apparent loss in skill. 

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Pirate Bay, AIG and The Dead

I read Umair Haque’s recent blog post on Pirate Bay with interest and it struck a chord for me on many levels. I’ll be the first to say that today’s copyright laws are becoming obs0lete and don’t reflect the technological and social changes that have occurred in the last 20 years. That being said, I’m not going to be defending Pirate Bay anytime soon.

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Where’s your profit?

At a time when flat is the new up, knowing where your business is making it’s profits (or minimizing it’s losses) seems like an obvious thing to know but business schools classrooms are littered with countless examples of companies that thought they knew where they were making their money but ended up failing anyway.

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Great customer service creates loyalty

I like to cook – my specialties are typically individual dishes – whether one-pot meals like a good beef bourguignon or chicken paprikas. Recently I’ve branched out making dishes a little more exotic like Fried Tofu or spicy kale with salted chiles. Of course staples such a jalapeno-cornbread and almost-no-knead bread are still part of my cooking skill set.

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