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Is Troubleshooting Becoming a Lost Art?

The logo of Naval Submarine School

The logo of Naval Submarine School

I recently helped solve an intermittent network/server problem for a client. This problem had been confounding the IT staff of this firm for quite a while and although this wasn’t why I was on site it was impacting my ability to complete my specific consulting  work. So I stepped in and started troubleshooting the problem in hopes of getting it fixed so I could get back to work.

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Individual Recognition For Team Efforts

It’s graduation season once again. Almost everyone has either sat in a graduation audience or has earned the privilege to be a graduate of some institution somewhere be it high school or college, frequently both. Every ceremony has the requisite program that everyone picks up, so they have something to read while waiting, containing the names of those who will receive honorary degrees, what students will be giving speeches and which students have earned honors.

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