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Access to Information Changes Things

In today’s New York Times the front page of the Arts section featured a great story Vintage Grateful Dead Posteron the Grateful Dead and how their fans talk and think about the music of the Grateful Dead and what has happened with new ways to access information about the Dead. 

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Technologies change but what remains

Recently while cooking dinner for the family, my 3-year-old daughter walked into the kitchen with her toy phone tucked between head and shoulder carrying on a conversation, with whom I don’t know because she said in a perfect tone “I can’t talk now, I’ve gotta go” complete with eye-roll.  She could’ve have been 17 for all the attitude she was channeling.

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Netbooks are all the rage

Netbooks are the hottest new technology products out there right now and I confess I find them pretty intriguing as well.  About 10 years ago I bought IBM’s z50 workpad and it cost even more than today’s netbooks, but could do a lot less. I’ve taken a few of the netbooks for a drive and they are a great solution for most people. Are they robust enough to be your full-time computer – maybe.

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20 years with email

It’s been over 20 years since I got my first email address. Of course I didn’t know what to do with it – after all an email address is pretty useless if no one else has one  – like the fax machine, a classic illustration of the network effect.  Eventually one of my friends back home got an address so we’d send each other jokes. I know, millions of dollars in technology and equipment and we were sending knock-knock jokes back and forth. Sophisticated, right? Of course we only checked our mail occasionally – typically we had to call each other just to say “hey go check your mail”.

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A world of Plugins to choose from

Starting a new blog or web site from scratch is like creating a character in Dungeons and Dragons with a very generous dungeon master. I find myself wanting to soup up my site without even really understanding what all of the plugins do. Google Analytics – of course! All-in-one-SEO-Pack, heck yes! Embedded Video, you betcha. Of course I’m adding all of these onto a theme I’ve only been using for about 30 minutes so I don’t even know what will crash what but I’m not going to create a Gannt chart or Microsoft Project Plan to map out the testing path and dependencies. I will however back up the site on a frequent basis because with proper backups any site can be recovered quite quickly.

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