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Jack of All Trades and Master of ……Quite a Few

A recent Blog entry by Steven DiMaio struck home for me personally because I have a wide variety of skill sets and a large number of work experiences. This is usually a  very good thing because I can usually make connections between disparate tasks and industries striking to the heart of issue quickly providing resolution to an issue and it also shortens ramp up time when learning new things. But it can be a bad thing when you are trying to concisely present yourself to a prospective employer or client or even take advantage of a networking opportunity.

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20 years with email

It’s been over 20 years since I got my first email address. Of course I didn’t know what to do with it – after all an email address is pretty useless if no one else has one  – like the fax machine, a classic illustration of the network effect.  Eventually one of my friends back home got an address so we’d send each other jokes. I know, millions of dollars in technology and equipment and we were sending knock-knock jokes back and forth. Sophisticated, right? Of course we only checked our mail occasionally – typically we had to call each other just to say “hey go check your mail”.

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The Pleasures of Occasional Physical Labor

Volunteering for several organizations in the Providence area allows me an opportunity to meet my neighbors, help out community members and break the occasional sweat. I’m on the board of our local community garden, work on the plant sale committee for another organization and finally I’m a designated schlepper for another organization. Given work and family obligations there is only so much time available so I choose to take a leading role in some organizations while taking smaller roles in others.

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Digging Holes and other memories

My very first W-2 paying job was as a construction laborer for a small family construction company one very hot Virginia summer. The job, given my relative lack of skills, was doing whatever I was told to do – usually it meant picking up scraps and trash, moving dirt and cement in wheelbarrows, carrying shingles up to roofs and digging footings. All for the princely sum of $3.35 an hour – minimum wage at the time and I was probably overpaid at that. After taxes I think my checks were something like $118.00 for 40 hours of sweating in the sun.

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