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Twitter Thoughts Flittering around in my head

Twitter’s exponential  growth continues unabated and like millions of other twitter scofflaws, I’ve stepped into Twitter’s waters teeming with 140 character missives. (You can follow me @jobhuntin ) It took a little time, but I’ve quickly found it to be an interesting way of sharing information and finding people with new and interesting points of view. Twitter is like a river – it’s always there and yet it’s never the same river. I find it a very Zen experience because its whole purpose is to live in the now – not dwelling on the past or the future. And unlike a blog or an email stream, there isn’t the requirement to read every post since the last time you checked the feed in order to get up to speed.

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Public Personas and Google Results

Part of the rationale for the creation of this site beyond just communicating with clients was to raise my public profile and my public persona. By that I mean what comes up when someone types my name into Google or Bing. It’s not a question of vanity – although I’m probably as vain as the next person notwithstanding the car I drive – it’s really a question of competing for work in the toughest economy I’ve ever seen. I hope to demonstrate my ability to write a thoughtful, creative sentence that people find interesting. (and by creative I’m not referring to my grammar, spelling or punctuation) You’ll have to let me know if I succeed.

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