When Being the Best Isn’t Enough

Everybody wants to be the best, but while being the best is good, it’s not enough. You have to be the best at what matters. Both now, and in the future. The business and technology world is littered with products and companies that were the best at something and were still bypassed by competitors who […]

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Business Lessons from The Hunger Games

 Business lessons can be found anywhere – be they delivered by the proverbial Ant and Grasshopper, or delivered by a grey-haired professor at a podium. On a recent flight I got the opportunity to watch the Hunger Games and see what the fuss was all about. It was a fine movie although I confess I didn’t quite […]

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Shrinkwrap Software is Dead! (Obvious but True)

Sometimes technology moves in cycles and sometimes shifts are permanent. Right now a permanent shift has taken place as consumers and businesses alike have shifted from purchasing shrink wrap software, and its equivalents in other content like music and movies, and have now moved to a hybrid download/subscription model or cloud delivery model. Two of the clearest examples […]

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Life and Resume Tips for Success

  Recently a young college student on the cusp of graduating asked for help with their resume and the resume that the person showed was simply awful. The student who produced it was smart, the college the student attends is very prestigious, and yet the resume, and every application attached to it in the future, was destined […]

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2011 Superbowl Ad Breakdown

Another year, another Superbowl probably with two teams that you don’t normally root for. Do you even remember who played in last year’s game? The commercials and the camaraderie are why most Americans watch the Superbowl and this year was no different. The game turned out to be a good one and it was nice to see […]

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