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Life and Resume Tips for Success


Time to fill up your Tip Tank.

Recently a young college student on the cusp of graduating asked for help with their resume and the resume that the person showed was simply awful. The student who produced it was smart, the college the student attends is very prestigious, and yet the resume, and every application attached to it in the future, was destined for the reject pile.

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Beware of CLMs

Unfortunately most CLMs aren't this easy to recognize.

Recently a soon-to-be college graduate set up a networking meeting with me. I willingly agreed, not only because I enjoy helping people if I can, but also because I usually learn something as well. What surprised me was the lack of awareness this individual had about the realities of today’s professional world.  Over the space of one short meal he made five CLMs. CLMs for those of you who don’t know stand for Career Limiting Moves or Career Limiting Mistakes. And the worst part is that he is smart, hard-working and would be an asset to most organizations, once some of the rough edges are cleaned up.

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Your First Hire as a Manager

Saying these two words is almost as much fun as hearing them.

Saying these two words is almost as much fun as hearing them.

You always remember your first hire, especially when ultimately it’s your decision to make, and not one made by a hiring committee. Being promoted into a managerial role is a big step in every career – in addition to more responsibility, the work is usually more interesting and sometimes the pay and benefits are better.

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Promise and Pitfall of Resume Pruning

Being a substitute teacher required thinking on your feet.

Being a substitute teacher required thinking on your feet.

There comes a time in every professional career when you must prune your resume to tell a more coherent story to potential employers, but that could cause a potential employer to miss the fact that you have  certain skills and experiences which they are seeking. One of my strengths professionally is I have a variety of professional experiences to draw upon but that very strength can be a liability if an employer is looking for a standard career progression and isn’t used to seeing someone who has done a lot of different things professionally.

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Job Application Evolution

Applying for jobs has changed a lot in a relatively short period of time. Not so long ago everyone went to the print shop and printed up their hard copy resume in bulk with no customization for a specific job. That was what the cover letter was used for. And a company posted their openings in trade journals and newspapers hoping to get a a reasonable qualified applicants in a a few weeks or months.

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