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Is RIM Blackberry the New Novell?

The big red Novell N used to control the enterprise market.

In 2010 – Blackberry is to Apple as Novell was to Microsoft circa 1994. As hard as it may be to remember back that far,  Microsoft was once an upstart that was derided for not being substantial enough to effectively serve business server and networking needs – suitable only for stand-alone PCs.  Novell was seen as the proper choice for enterprises looking to network resources together. Blackberry is in the same position today with regards to email-enabled smartphones and making many of the same mistakes that Novell made.

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Tablet Tabula Rasa

This is one speculative guess on what the iSlate Tablet might look like.

Despite having used and abandoned multiple tablets over the years, I’m still looking forward to Apple’s much anticipated iSlate, iPad or iMustHaveIt Tablet (or whatever it will be called). Of course those old tablets were used primarily for work, and the new Apple tablet is primarily a consumer device that might augment my professional life with no intention of being a replacement for my work laptop. 

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iPod Ruminations

The Nano now with Video and FM Tuner

The Nano now with Video and FM Tuner

What’s next for Apple? The venerable iPod is almost 8 years old, but it wasn’t always the market maker it is today. For the first three years iPod sales were less than stellar because those first iPods only worked with Apple computers, this at a time when Apple had only 4% of the computer market. Sales reflected that limping along at roughly a million a quarter until the 2004 Christmas Season when the 1st iPod Photo, or 4g iPod to use the lingo, was released in October.  iPod sales caught fire, shifting from an interesting but optional item for the Mac-owning music lover niche to a must-have accessory for everyone.

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