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My First Month at Microsoft

I didn't have this verbatim conversation per se – but it aptly captures the work intensity here at Microsoft.

Somehow I made it through the gauntlet of interviews and Microsoft decided to hire me. Yea, I don’t believe it either. Even after a month, it still feels a little unreal each morning when I swipe my badge – I keep waiting for the light to turn red and for someone to come out and say this has all been a big mistake and that they’ll have to take my badge….But so far it hasn’t happened.

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Promise and Pitfall of Resume Pruning

Being a substitute teacher required thinking on your feet.

Being a substitute teacher required thinking on your feet.

There comes a time in every professional career when you must prune your resume to tell a more coherent story to potential employers, but that could cause a potential employer to miss the fact that you have  certain skills and experiences which they are seeking. One of my strengths professionally is I have a variety of professional experiences to draw upon but that very strength can be a liability if an employer is looking for a standard career progression and isn’t used to seeing someone who has done a lot of different things professionally.

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