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Public Personas and Google Results

Part of the rationale for the creation of this site beyond just communicating with clients was to raise my public profile and my public persona. By that I mean what comes up when someone types my name into Google or Bing. It’s not a question of vanity – although I’m probably as vain as the next person notwithstanding the car I drive – it’s really a question of competing for work in the toughest economy I’ve ever seen. I hope to demonstrate my ability to write a thoughtful, creative sentence that people find interesting. (and by creative I’m not referring to my grammar, spelling or punctuation) You’ll have to let me know if I succeed.

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A world of Plugins to choose from

Starting a new blog or web site from scratch is like creating a character in Dungeons and Dragons with a very generous dungeon master. I find myself wanting to soup up my site without even really understanding what all of the plugins do. Google Analytics – of course! All-in-one-SEO-Pack, heck yes! Embedded Video, you betcha. Of course I’m adding all of these onto a theme I’ve only been using for about 30 minutes so I don’t even know what will crash what but I’m not going to create a Gannt chart or Microsoft Project Plan to map out the testing path and dependencies. I will however back up the site on a frequent basis because with proper backups any site can be recovered quite quickly.

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