Where’s your profit?

At a time when flat is the new up, knowing where your business is making it’s profits (or minimizing it’s losses) seems like an obvious thing to know but business schools classrooms are littered with countless examples of companies that thought they knew where they were making their money but ended up failing anyway.

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What name to use?

Spending a lot of time obsessing about how one’s name looks and what name to use is usually limited to people about to be married and teen-agers. Since I’m already married and my daughter is closer to being a teenager than I am, thinking about how my name looks is a bit discombobulating. Recently I’ve been sending out resumes and applying for jobs so I’ve been looking at my name more than usual. For the longest time I’ve used “Thomas J. Mitchell” as the name at the top of the page but I go by “Thom Mitchell” for just about everything except legal forms, not “Tom Mitchell” or “Tommy Mitchell” or even the full monty “Thomas James Mitchell”. 

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Great customer service creates loyalty

I like to cook – my specialties are typically individual dishes – whether one-pot meals like a good beef bourguignon or chicken paprikas. Recently I’ve branched out making dishes a little more exotic like Fried Tofu or spicy kale with salted chiles. Of course staples such a jalapeno-cornbread and almost-no-knead bread are still part of my cooking skill set.

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Access to Information Changes Things

In today’s New York Times the front page of the Arts section featured a great story Vintage Grateful Dead Posteron the Grateful Dead and how their fans talk and think about the music of the Grateful Dead and what has happened with new ways to access information about the Dead. 

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Technologies change but what remains

Recently while cooking dinner for the family, my 3-year-old daughter walked into the kitchen with her toy phone tucked between head and shoulder carrying on a conversation, with whom I don’t know because she said in a perfect tone “I can’t talk now, I’ve gotta go” complete with eye-roll.  She could’ve have been 17 for all the attitude she was channeling.

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